Food Truck Customer Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cater weddings?

Yes! We are happy to cater different styles, whether it is service from our food truck window, walk around appetizers, buffet style, or family style, we are happy to make your big day happen the way you want it! Options vary in price, so it’s best to book a consultation with us! 

Do you teach mobile cooking classes?

Yes again! As eager as we are to serve delicious and local food, we are equally excited to share cooking skills so that you can learn how to cook some favorites at home. We do educational lessons throughout the city including at the Baltimore Farmer’s Market on the second Sunday of the month. We are also available for hire for a work event, farm tutorial, or private event! Check out our Cooking Classes page for more details!

Do I need to provide permits for a food truck to be at my event?

Food trucks are required to have health permits in their “base” county in order to operate, we are based in Baltimore City. Often food trucks will have reciprocal permits in surrounding counties, but this is on a case by case basis. If you are hiring a business that is not permitted in your county then it is best to hire them in enough advance to get a day permit. Food trucks might request that you or your event pay the fee.

Permits range from $50-$350+, unless the truck will be parking on private property.

Do I need to provide electricity on-site for your food trucks?

No, we operate with a generator to run our own electricity. If you are worried about having the humming noise of a generator, you can provide an extension cord for the truck. The generic 120v plug works great with our truck. 

How far in advance should I book a food truck event?

We cannot always guarantee open time slots, so the sooner you book the quicker you can secure the date. Keep in mind permitting needs, as well as the high volume of business we receive during the summer months, for giving more notice. Don’t forget we cater in the winter, so you can think to hire us year round!

I have filled out the Contact Us form; does this mean I have booked the event? If not, how can I?

The contact us link is the best way to get into contact with us. However, it is just a request. In order to secure your event we will need to confirm details and secure a deposit if required.

Do food trucks need guaranteed parking?

Yes! A client must verify that we are allowed to park at the event location site. Our truck is 24’ in length so keep that in mind.

Street parking needs to be at least 300 feet from food establishments & 200 feet from schools, unless we have received approval from those establishments.

Do you do community events? 

If you are a new event centered around supporting a community or social change in Baltimore City, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us even if you can’t meet our minimum. We are working towards making good food more accessible in this city, and while our private catering options keep our business sustainable we are always looking for community partners focused on social change to work with.

What is a ‘minimum order’?

A ‘minimum order’ is the required base amount our food truck needs to be guaranteed before committing to a private event. There’s a lot that goes into bringing a food truck to your event, and as a result most trucks require a minimum before they will agreed to work an event. For most food trucks the minimum starts at ~$1,000. If you’re looking to do an event under that total, we’d be happy to discuss catering options that don’t involve our food truck. 

Are minimum orders required for public events where patrons will be paying for their individual orders?  

In this case, we will often require a guarantee. Say you expect 200 people to attend an event, if half the people attending buy food that averages around $10 a plate, a food truck should be able to meet their minimum of $1,000. If a food truck doesn’t clear their minimum they might ask for the event to pay the difference, meaning if said food truck only makes $750 they will ask that the host cover the difference of $250 to eliminate the risk they took as small businesses to support your event.

How do I decide if my event needs multiple food trucks?

Most food trucks on average can handle serving around 60 people per hour. This will slightly vary on cuisine and business, so it’s always good to double check with who you’re hiring. If you’re interested in having us there we can give you a list of trucks we’ve loved working with. 

If there are 500 people interested in my event on facebook should I hire 5 trucks?

NO! If you are a first time event that is trying to determine how many trucks to hire, it’s important to consider the difference between people interested in your event, versus the people who will actually attend. It’s a lot easier to click “interested” in an event than it is to follow-through in attendance. You should try and use other forms of rsvp to gauge how big your crowd is going to be. If you’re not sure, it’s always better to play it safe with fewer trucks for a public event, and add more the following year based on attendance.