Yellow House Farm

Emma Reisinger, who was part of our opening season staff, has launched her own local business focused on sustainable food. Emma, the head farmer of the newly established Yellow House Farm, brought so much insight (and produce!) to our truck last summer, 2017. We are so pleased to see her kicking off her first official CSA season this year and we wanted to highlight her and her farm in our May Newsletter. Emma gives a little background into the launch of her farm in the article below. 

Yellow House Farm started from the seemingly very simple idea that I wanted to grow food. I wanted to grow for myself, for my friends, for my family, for my neighbors, and for the places where I worked as a cook. I like feeding people, whether that’s through preparing meals or the slightly less direct route of preparing garden beds.


This year I’m thrilled to be farming full-time, launching Yellow House Farm in Cedmont, a small neighborhood on the East side. Although the growing season is (at long last) just taking off, the past few seasons have been helpful for preparation: building a greenhouse over the winter and slowly but surely converting the namesake yellow house’s lawn into vegetable beds. Now everybody’s growing: the seedlings, the chicks, the beehives.


Green House

Since it the first year, I’m focusing on building systems and soils. In 2018, I’m growing favorite annual vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, kale, cucumbers, okra, arugula, spinach, Swiss chard, collard greens, eggplant, and more. I’m also planting loads of small fruits and perennials so that in future years I’ll be able to offer an abundance of asparagus, rhubarb, horseradish, figs, and berries (strawberries! blackberries! raspberries! elderberries!).


Baby Chard

 I’m looking forward to the start of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) season in May. While my CSA is full this year, you can find some of my veggies, herbs, and flowers with BearFoot Farm at the Lauraville Market on Tuesdays starting in June. More than anything else, I am grateful to be able to work outside every day and follow the rhythms of sun and rain.


First volunteer group, spring 2018.

 If you’d like to follow the progress of the farm or would like to get in touch, I post updates on Instagram regularly (@yellowhousefarmbaltimore) and am easily accessible via email (

-Emma Reisinger

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