Jack & Zach Food

Jack & Zach’s is a ‘snug joint focusing on locally sourced, housemade sausage sandwiches & veggie patties’, located on 333 N. Charles Street.


The 12 seat diner has always been one of Kiah’s favorite places to eat delicious locally sourced and crafted foods in Baltimore. Kiah has known Zach and Jack from way back when, and since they opened their restaurant back in 2012, she has seen them develop and adapt their business through the years, staying true to their original mission of sourcing the freshest local ingredients. They have been an inspiration to Kiah as well as a support in providing insight that has helped in launching  her own small food business, Wilde Thyme. Everything from letting Kiah shadow in their kitchen to sharing resources on where they source locally to simply grabbing a drink at the end of a long work day and shooting the shit.


Kiah shadowing at Jack and Zach’s

We are so excited to be developing our menu to include their housemade sausage. We’re always looking for ways to create mutually beneficial relationships with other small businesses in this city. We encourage everyone who has enjoyed our food and our model to check out Jack & Zach food.

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