Whitelock Community Farm



Whitelock Community Farm got its start in 2010 as residents of Reservoir Hill converted a vacant lot into an active urban farm. Since then, the farm has been growing rapidly—both in scale and scope! We are thrilled to be able to serve Whitelock’s beautiful produce on the truck.


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One of our team members is a neighbor and volunteer of the farm. Whitelock was the first farm we partnered with to do a farm volunteer day as a full staff with the intention of getting to know our farms and farmers on a more personal basis. It’s been easy getting to know Whitelock, they’re extremely engaged with the community and interested in sharing their wealth of knowledge.

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In addition to growing food, which feeds the neighborhood through their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, Mobile Market spots, and weekly farm stand, Whitelock also serves as open space for community events and a place where many come to learn more about growing and preserving food through volunteering, internships, the YouthWorks program, Farm Club, and community cooking classes and workshops.

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The farm is located at 930 Whitelock St. in Reservoir Hill. If you’re in the neighborhood, you can also bring your kitchen scraps to the farm to be turned into compost! On Saturday, October 7, Whitelock is doing a book drive from 10am-1pm, and on Sunday, October 8 they are hosting their annual Harvest Festival from 12-4pm.

Coming up on Sunday, October 22, Wilde Thyme will be serving food at Whitelock during a Fall Fashion Clothing Swap!

You can learn more about this farm on the website: www.whitelockfarm.org or follow the farm on Instagram @ whitelockfarm. They also have regular volunteer hours, and it’s so fun to dig up sweet potatoes, so consider volunteering this fall!

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Upcoming Events:

  • September Potluck/Cookout – 9/27
  • October Book Drive – 10/7 (10-1)
  • Annual Harvest Festival – 10/8 (12-4)


  • Fall Farm Fashion Swap – 10/26 with Wilde Thyme

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