Brainstorming Notes from crEATe 4/23/17

Last night a group of local artists met to discuss how we envision art being mobile in Baltimore, and how can selling art from Wilde Thyme be beneficial to the artists, the food truck, and the community Wilde Thyme is in?


A lot of great ideas were generated from this brain storming session, and in order to include more artists and community members in continuing this discussion I wanted to present the ideas that circulated last night.


How do we envision art being mobile in Baltimore?

  • Playlists, music, speakers: Baltimore sounds, determining what people like based on location
  • A chalkboard drawing area, low enough for young people to reach it.
  • Hanging plants (planters and plants for sale)
  • Popping up between the architecture and engineering building of Morgan University to support students
  • Rotating art to be sold from the back of the truck
  • Mugs for sale with hot beverages during cold months
  • Having a “neighborhood hero” or “neighborhood artist” or that get’s highlighted every month with informations on their story on our community board. Similarly, having “student of the month” that gets a similar shout out from the truck`
  • Pop-up dominos tables for the sidewalk
  • Joining schools for different annual celebrations
  • Developing meals based around the community. Perhaps having week each month where people can submit their favorite recipes and then Wilde Thyme will do their best interpretation of it. This could also be developed into community cook books
  • Celebrating different urban farm events, or events in park spaces
  • Having local “Paper Plate Awards”, where folks get lavish paper plate awards for exceptional local successes
  • Musicians busking
  • Spoken word or open mic nights
  • Having a barter system set up where more then just money is excepted on certain days/times
  • Having a suggestion box, but also just a box for people to submit cute notes and art
  • Post secret/object drop off
  • Community games of “Telephone” or other games that build off of each other like “best game ever” (also known as “spanking yoda”)
  • Tiny Gallery, literally just a tiny gallery where a monthly artist is featured in a small way
  • A graffiti board (with structure), similar to the chalk area on the truck there could be a square reserved for adults to play around with communal ephemeral art on the truck
  • Popping up in front of furniture stores, to highlight displayed furniture but also offer a place to eat. Maybe Cedar and Cotton? *Spin off dialog: It would have to be NO SPILL FOOD!… What’s no spill food?… Carrot sticks!
  • Menu drawings: seasonal drawings that help people understand what is in each menu option, but also drawings can relate to the sentiment of the food item too (ie what, where, who does it remind you of?)
  • Menus with multiple language options +brail
  • Pages to color, like at restaurants, but possibly chalk outlines on the side walk, or menu drawings that could be printed out
  • Bring your dog to the truck day, possibly in conjunction with an animal shelter? We could have dog treats and water pales.
  • Creative merch, clothes more then t-shirts? Fanny packs? Pins?
  • T-shirts that you can color in
  • Working with vocational tech schools when the truck needs repairs
  • Free movies projected onto the side of the truck
  • Christmas lights ALL. OVER. THE. TRUCK. Let’s bidazzle it! GLITTER!
  • Maps of Baltimore: mapping Baltimore from the trucks point of view (ie what food is popular where, what art is popular where, where is the truck popping up?); mapping Baltimore from the customers view point (ie what does their neighborhood mean to them, what story can they tell?)…
  • Having “my first” pictures. Styled in the way that some restaurants take pictures when you eat their biggest and baddest sandwich, but instead just keeping a log of every time someone tries something they’ve never had, weather it be a tomato or a falafel or a…
  • —> fold this into a coffee table picture book to make your millions.
  • Side walk art classes: pop-up potter wheel, pop up model for drawing, pop up loom, pop-up…
  • Partnering with animal petting zoo, with the zoo, people were just really excited about the Drawing Zoo, but unclear what the health code options are with this one.
  • Basketball hoop with the trashcan under it (also there could be compost/information on composting too)…
  • Bring your own mug/plate discount (permitting greyness….)
  • Sell furniture, by having furniture out for people to sit in, sell spoons, by having spoons people want to eat with!
  • The Elsewhere Museum inspiration, if the shared space is changing and mobile, how can we build up the people to be what is solid and built upon?

If you’re interested in selling your art, or in partnering for a sidewalk performance/art workshop please fill out our Artist Application form here.

If you’re interested in joining the conversation or have additional feedback or want more information, please feel free to email the owner Kiah at

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