But Food is Sexy

Who’s rooting for vegetables?

In 2014 I lived in Nashville, TN. I was working for a company called Good Food for Good People. The mission of the business was to improve access to good food throughout Nashville. We would set up local food markets in YMCA’s, churches, schools and hospitals; heavily trafficked community spaces. I tried my first kohlrabi on the job, fell in love with salad turnips that we would leave out as samples, and learned that you could eat raw sweet corn. Much of the market experience was spent talking to people about new vegetables and how to eat them. My boss had often said, “we have to make food sexy!” And I’ve felt strongly ever sense that he is right. Who’s rooting for vegetables to be big? With all the financial backing of sugar filled products, it’s hard to imagine anyone taking the time to advertise a salad turnip.


I think part of the way to make real food more approachable is by making it sexier. So how can we make food sexy? I think one way is to wear it. We make a choice everyday in what we wear and how we represent ourselves. For me, I want to talk about food. I want to talk about where is comes from, who is responsible for making it, where we can find it and why, what we like to eat, or what we’ve never tried before. I love the way that Laura Miller (@imlauramiller) photographs herself with food as her fashion statement. Here are a few examples:

She also has an instagram dedicated to Froobs (Fruit Boobs), that makes fruit comical and approachable in an entirely different way.

I started doing the #froobs thing on my instagram a few years ago as a funny little way to incorporate some fruit into a photo. But then I started doing some lopsided fruit. Some extra big, some extra small, some bruised and not-so-pretty ones. And then I started using the hashtag #allfroobsarebeautiful. I got such great comments and responses from women in a “yep I feel you girl” kind of way. Look, I’m not saying it was some big impactful movement, but it a nice little way of poking fun at the body insecurities that many of us deal with every day.” -Laura Miller

Here are some highlights from that:

You can also buy Froob shirts here!

For me, I try to pick up food accessories when and where I can. I have a dress covered in pickle jars, a necklace with an egg over easy, and orange slice earrings. All things I love to eat, all things I think are cool, and all things I want to advertise and talk about. If big companies aren’t going to advertise fruits and vegetables… why can’t we, in small ways, do it ourselves? Last spring, recognizing the lack of available food accessories, I started making hats with root vegetables on them. I’ve started to sell them to cover the cost of some of the donated events I’m doing to promote my business. 


Me with the original hat, spring 2016, harvesting radishes.

If you’re interested in some food accessories, or want to support a local baltimore business, let me know and I can make you one!

Cause you’re sexy, and beets are sexy, and together we can make food sexy.

Some cute friends right here:

Image 1: Rebecca with her crooked/cute pup!; Image 2: I made a special native species hat for Gaby, who plants butterfly gardens in Curtis bay as part of her job as a community outreach coordinator for the Baltimore National Aquarium. She got some butterfly friendly milkweed and a black eyed Susan (native flowers are sexy too!

Image 3: Gwen, who works for the Baltimore Orchard Project, got a special custom pawpaw and apple hat. ; Image 4: The pawpaw and the apple up close! ; Image 5: Some local Baltimore advertisement for fruit!

Some cute hats right here:


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