Introducing Little Debbie

Today is a new chapter for Wilde Thyme, I bought a Little Debbie truck.


Wilde Thyme’s mission is to address food access in Baltimore through a business approach. I want to address the complexities of how race and gender and class intersect with a changing food industry. I want to put topics like gentrification and exploitation at the center of how we,  we being a large societal we, ethically run a food business. I want to be a part of a movement that creates job opportunities. I want to work on a model that makes food affordable and approachable.

I want to begin this process with a Food Truck. I have been a part of a wide range of our food system. I have farmed food, I have sold food at markets, I have cooked food, and I have nommed on food. I don’t believe that food businesses should be a monopoly. I don’t believe that businesses should be owned and held by the few, the privileged. I want to make the process of how I start a food truck business transparent. I want to expose every stage of the process, from its inevitable challenges as well as its successes. I don’t think there’s a benefit to hiding my blood, sweat and tears. I don’t think it is in everyone’s best interest to share their secrets and process, and by no means am I calling on people to expose their soft power and personal knowledge or experience. I also don’t believe that I am laying out the way to start a food truck, just simply a way. I know I will make mistakes, even big ones, but I’d rather expose those mistakes if there is an opportunity to encourage others along this same journey.

In my naive first chapter I want to believe that being a business owner is like being an artist. Everyone in truth is an artist, it just happens that some have been repeatedly told they are artists and they make art, while others have been told they can’t draw, or they make crafts. In a world that is rapidly changing from a place where the privileged could live in a self defined postracial bubble, to a world where we are talking about the shit that’s going down; I want to encourage people to take up their crafts, I want to recognize them as artists and humans, to encourage people to create, and I want to share my process.

If you want to follow the Little Debbie gone Wilde Thyme journey I will be sharing it on Facebook and Instagram (@wildethymebaltimore), as well as here on my website.


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